In the honor of wife, mother, Muse, and the sole sponsor on the journey to successfully complete the work on MULTIPLE/MULTILATERAL SCULPTURE, MULTIPLE/MULTILATERAL THOUGHT and UNDERSTANDING.

On the 5th Anniversary of Danica's passing away, Rasto, Wratko and Theodore presented the West Quebec public with The Betakova-Hlavina Art Collection d'Art, with reverberating resonance.

Per Aspera ad Astra, from Rasto, Wratko, and Theodore.

Garden designs by Danica Betakova-Hlavina,
born July 5th, 1945, died January 31st, 2009.

The International success of the exhibition (Slovak rep., West Quebec, Japan) prompt Rasto to join this collection with his other works, under the name: The Jewels and the Tears of the Muse. (Oct. 2014 -)