Exhibition of The Betakova Hlavina Art Collection

In the summer of 2016, I was invited by the Slovak Embassy to present The Betakova Hlavina Art Collection. Previously in 2014, the exhibition of this Art Collection had brought a very respected response from West Quebec visitors in Luskville, and this was an occasion to present to a wider audience. To highlight the community response at the Celebration of the New Constitution Day at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic, in Ottawa on September 8th, 2016, I would like to present the sincere and frank version of the honoring of the life and work of Danica Betakova Hlavina, in memoriam for her contribution to the rise of the most progressive sculptor and thinker in the last fifty years. (click to continue...)


Not the one who in the amazement of dreams, lived. But, the one who was creating and accomplished can proclaim, I lived!
Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav (1849-1921): Great Slovak man of literature
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These reflections are based on reality and supported facts, with my greatest desire for honesty. My intention is to avoid the veneer of a nice promotional wrap, in line with customary commercialism. I seek to instruct and explain, rather than to grab attention.

RASTO: Reflections on my work as a sculptor.

In these writings, I am reflecting on the origin, the development, and the conclusion of the Multiple/Multilateral Sculpture.

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MULTIPLE THOUGHT: Is this the entrance passkey to the XXIst century?

Refrain: To assume the reality one can reach for the obvious, while to comprehend it, one has to search for the obscure.

It is known and recognized in historical analysis of human development that philosophers, creative writers, musical composers and, of course, visual artists have become

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The Multiple Sculpture


In the following pages, I am forwarding some of the aspects, thoughts, and motivations that surround the origin of The Multiple Sculpture, which I conceived in 1969.

This essay is not intended to present a detailed study of the concept. Instead, it only touches on the surface of the vast area to be explored. These writings are a form of introduction, rather than an exhaustive and complete description of The Multiple Sculpture, The Multiple Art, and the role of these concepts in our society. As a practising artist and dedicated sculptor, I am forwarding my findings and thoughts, in order to initiate the necessary study, in greater depth, within the area of multiple expression.

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