The following excerpts are presented from the sources as cited:

Sometimes it’s said that the recognition of art depends on salesmen. I want to prove the value of my art without that.
Bergin, Jenny. Sculptor ... takes your all. Ottawa Citizen 28 Oct. 1972: 36. Print.
Rasto Hlavina is not a man to give up easily. For the past 10 years he has been working on his concept of a multiple sculpture
Baele, Nancy. Perseverance pays off. Ottawa Citizen 26 Nov. 1981: 74. Print.
The first major public recognition of Rasto’s work came recently, with the exhibition of 43 sculptures in the foyer of the National Library.
Aylmer Sculptor Starts Art Movement. Aylmer Bulletin 17 Dec. 1981: 7. Print.
Aylmer sculptor Rasto Hlavina’s work is being shown at an international exposition of new artists in New York.
Tender Touch. Aylmer Bulletin 14 Oct. 1982: 4. Print.
I am mastering something that was never mastered before.
Bell, Celina. Area artists to exhibit with best in New York. Ottawa Citizen 23 Aug. 1985: D22. Print.
Sculptor Rasto Hlavina has risen from almost complete obscurity as an innovative artist who came to Aylmer 10 years ago to the ranks of the top internationally recognized sculptors.
Hlavina Tops. Aylmer Bulletin 5 Dec. 1985: 7. Print.
Le sculpteur Rasto Hlavina, de Luskville, veille près de l’impressionante sculpture qu’il enverra au Japon pour la competition internationale du Hakone Open-Air Museum.
Front page. L’Echo 24 May 1986: Vol. 3, No. 2. Print.
Luskville sculptor Rasto Hlavina has returned from Japan as winner of the Superior Prize in the First Rodin Grand Prize Exhibition at the Utsukushi-ga-hara Open Air Museum.
Luskville Sculptor Success in Japan. Aylmer Bulletin 28 Aug. 1986: 3. Print.
Luskville sculptor Rasto (Hlavina) has once again proved he belongs to the elite international world of figurative sculpture by winning the Superior Prize at the 2nd Rodin Grand Prize Exhibition in Japan for his multiple sculpture Desire 87/88.
Artist of the week. Aylmer Bulletin 15 Sept. 1988: 5. Print.
Rasto Hlavina has once again won the Superior Prize at the 2nd Rodin Grand Prize Exhibition in Japan for his multiple sculpture Desire 87/88 demonstrating that this Luskville sculptor belongs to the elite art international world.
Stewart, Sandra. Luskville Sculptor wins Superior Prize at Rodin Exhibition in Japan. Pontiac Journal Oct. 4, 1988: 2. Print.

These excerpts of published material document the unique development of the Multiple/Multilateral Sculpture since its first appearance in 1972, to its successful conclusion at the highest level on the international stage. Therefore: Signed, sealed and delivered!

Rasto stayed true to the motto of his 1962 graduation:

Not the one who in the amazement of dreams, lived. But, the one who was creating and accomplished can proclaim, I lived!
Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav (1849-1921): Great Slovak man of literature